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Telr and Innovate Payments merge to create revolutionary new payment platform for online merchants
Dubai, Singapore, September 3rd 2014 - Telr, the multi-currency and multi-lingual payment gateway for SMEs, announced its merger with Innovate Payments, the most innovative payment gateway in the MENA...
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Telr and Innovate Payments merge to create revolutionary new payment platform for online merchants
Date posted: 2014-09-02 20:07:00

Dubai, Singapore, September 3rd 2014 - Telr, the multi-currency and multi-lingual payment gateway for SMEs, announced its merger with Innovate Payments, the most innovative payment gateway in the MENA region. With the merger, Telr is on the path to revolutionize the payment gateways industry in Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia thanks to its team of passionate and experienced ePayments experts and solid in-house developed platform.

Through this merger, Telr is:

  • Significantly boosting its credentials through this strategic merger with Innovate Payments.

  • Strengthening its offerings to the online and mobile payments industry through its three pillars of payment gateway, unified logistics & payments APIs, alongside it's cash management solutions.

"The combination of a strong team, right set of products and services, secure and innovative technology, along side solid partnerships will set Telr apart and give us an unmatchable kick-start in the UAE and across all the high growth markets".

"Telr's ambition to revolutionize the payments landscape across all emerging markets complements Innovate Payments' strong presence in the UAE and advanced platform. The merger will boost our market growth and ambitious expansion plan to accelerate e-commerce adoption in emerging markets", said Elias Ghanem, CEO and Co-Founder of Telr.

"Innovate Payments is the fifth payment platform we have launched since 1997, and is the first PCI DSS Level 1 Certified Gateway in the region. Merging with Telr will allow us to develop new products and strengthen our presence in the UAE and beyond," commented Andy O'Sullivan, Head of Operations & Co-Founder of Innovate Payments.

The Telr group is unique in its kind for the following reasons:

  • Extensive Payments Experience: It is headed by a management team who brings an extensive Cards, Payments, Acquiring and Telco industries background from PayPal, Visa, WorldPay, Motorola and Nokia.

  • Global Reach and Local Experience: Telr is fully set up to accelerate the e-commerce ramp-up across all the high growth markets in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. Innovate Payments has been processing online transactions for UAE merchants since 2012. It has witnessed robust growth in the number of merchants and volume of transactions processed over the last 12 months. Telr's merchants include Namshi, Careem, and Kcal along with government and semi-government agencies.

  • Responsiveness to Customer Needs: With an in-house developed platform, Telr have complete control of the functional development roadmap, offering to their merchants an easy-to-use and fast on-boarding solution. Telr Payment Gateway is the only one in the region that is PCI DSS* level 1 certified and includes an integrated anti-fraud engine.

Over the last few years, Innovate Payments have established themselves as the best payment gateway option in the UAE. The existing Innovate Payments management team will be retained to lead the Operations, Technology and Product development activities.

"Merging with Telr gives Innovate Payments the ability to scale-up our operations, accelerating our expansion into new markets and expanding our existing product-sets," adds O'Sullivan.

"Through the merger, we are delighted to say that Telr is on the path of executing on its vision in less than six months," mentioned Ghanem. Telr will initially focus on supporting the exponential growth of e-commerce activity currently happening in the UAE and the GCC, with aggressive expansion plans across the MENA from its Dubai Hub as well as in Southeast Asia through its headquarters in Singapore.

* PCI DSS: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

Further information:

Elias Ghanem, CEO and co-founder of Telr.com, was the former MD of PayPal Middle East and North Africa and previously MD of PayPal South-East-Asia and India A long-time executive at Visa Inc., Mr Ghanem is a proven payment industry leader with a strong entrepreneurial drive and years of success in managing e-payment solutions. He has developed strategic partnerships and customer acquisition programs leading growth in top line, bottom line, market share and shareholder value worldwide, and has a solid track record of breakthrough results in regional leadership roles at PayPal/eBay, Visa, and Accor Group in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Andy O'Sullivan, CTO of Telr.com and co-founder of Innovate Payments Andy has been working in the payments industry since 1997 when he joined WorldPay in the early stages of the company's development and growth. Andy joined Voice Commerce in 2003 as Operations Director based in Dubai, in charge of the company Technology Centre as well as overseeing the management of the operational systems deployed in Europe. In 2010 Andy co-founded Innovate Payments with three other partners. As Head of Operations, he has been responsible for the design, deployment and management of the payment gateway infrastructure as well as ensuring best practices in data security are followed resulting in the company obtaining PCI DSS Level 1 Certification.

Telr.com - Your Currency. Your Language - is a Payment Gateway offering a set of unified APIs and tools that instantly enable businesses to accept and manage online payments via web & mobile. Telr prides itself on offering the most secure, reliable and innovative online payment processing service available today. Telr has a team of passionate and experienced ePayments experts and a solid in-house developed platform aiming to revolutionize the payment gateways industry in Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. Telr is part of Singapore's leading Financial Tech startup accelerator hatcher.com.

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In Singapore:
Cassandra Seet
Head of Investor Relations
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Innovate Payments gets Kcal Extra off to a healthy start online
Date posted: 2013-10-08 06:19:02

KCAL Extra bespoke, tailor-made meal plans now even more convenient with option to pay online

Dubai, UAE, October 7, 2013 -- Kcal Healthy Fast Food, a Dubai based restaurant operator offering delicious, yet healthy food is now offering its customers the ability to pay for their products online at the time of order using the Innovate Payments ecommerce solution. The initial roll-out of the service has enabled online payments for the KCAL Extra service which provides bespoke, tailor-made meal plans. The company plans to offer the online payment facility to its Restaurant Division, Kcal Healthy Fast Food, over the coming months.

The fast-growing Kcal group turned to Innovate Payments to handle its online payment processing requirements because of the company's ability to offer multiple and flexible payment options, strong anti-fraud protection and support for card scheme programs like Verified by Visa and Mastercard Securecode. Innovate Payments is also supporting Kcal's move into mobile commerce. Its payment platform includes the flexibility to process payments through mobile apps, which Kcal aims to launch in 2014.

Innovate Payments focus on customer service and willingness to work as Kcal's payment processing partner as they expand across the region were key in their selection. Rob Kelly, Chief Operating Officer, Kcal comments "We've been delighted with the service we've received from Innovate Payments. They have proved themselves to be trusted advisors as we move our business online and we have every confidence that our payments are being processed reliably and with the highest levels of security. Entrusting our online payment processing requirements to Innovate Payments allows us to focus on providing our customers with food that is of the highest quality, packed with nutrients and dishes that burst with flavor."

Andy O'Sullivan, Operations Director, Innovate Payments, adds: "For organizations like Kcal who are looking to rapidly expand their business across the region, finding a payment processing partner that can help them do this with a reliable and secure service is essential. We look forward to working with KCAL as they expand their business and as they adopt innovative payment channels like mobile commerce and in-app purchasing."

UAE Online Sales to Grow by 95%
Date posted: 2013-02-20 13:04:42

According to a new report by Euromonitor online spending in the UAE is set to grow by 95% over the next five years. The main driver for this growth is a growing confidence among consumers that online vendors are offering quality products that will be delivered promptly as well as increasing faith in card security measures.

Ayman Ghanam, Research Analyst at Euromonitor says 'This trend will be encouraged by the growing usage of credit cards as consumers become more comfortable with buying online. With internet users in the Arab World tipped to reach over 170 million by 2016, internet retailing in the region is clearly set for staggering growth'.

Euromonitor said that research indicates internet retailing in the region is expanding across other channels, with new products such as home care, DIY and gardening recently gaining their first significant presence in internet retailing. Players from the UAE have already started expanding elsewhere including Saudi Arabia where forecast growth over the next 5 years is 136%. Euromonitor expects this to be followed by expansion into other Arab countries such as Egypt.

Consumers in the UAE spent $226.8 million online last year, a figure expected to grow to $270.9m this year.

Mobile commerce
Date posted: 2011-08-04 12:26:00

If you are an online retailer or e-commerce store without mobile commerce capabilities, you could be missing a big amount of sales. Smartphones have changed the way people shop.

Millions of users are now accessing retail sites via mobile devices, and that number will increase as the time goes on. According to recent study by Nielsen, traffic to mobile commerce sites and applications increased 50%.

In most of the cases, you don?t need to have to make large investments in new technologies to support mobile expansion. If you have a website, you can easily optimize it for mobile web. Extend as much of your existing set-up as possible into mobile channel to maximize your investments.

There are some key elements that you need to keep in mind when designing your mobile site:

  • High mobile expectations. 80% expect the mobile experience to be at least as good as in-store shopping. 85% expect it to be at least as good as using a traditional PC.

  • Risk of losing customers. 63% of online adults said they would be less likely to buy from the same company via other purchase channels if they ran into trouble with a mobile transaction.

  • Mounting frustration. Mobile users say they find mobile transaction problems very frustrating. 23% have cursed at their phones. 11% have screamed at their phones. 4% have thrown their mobile devices!

A well designed mobile website should look different, but not necessarily require a separate platform or backend. When you visit a site from a mobile phone, you should be seamlessly shown the mobile version of the site.

A common issue is that many people assume that the way to get a mobile version of their website to is to strip out content or features that they think are not relevant to mobile users - essentially creating a 'lite' version of the site. To be fair, a mobile website requires a focused, simple interface - but customers don?t want a 'dumbed-down' version of a site, they want a uncomplicated and easy to use site, and that is a big difference.

Try to use identical icons and images on its desktop and mobile sites. The uniformity of design and navigation means that customers familiar with the website will feel right at home on the mobile site.

Good navigation is vital, don?t make buttons small - keep them 'finger-friendly'. The use of images can make a big different - it is important to remember that it?s harder to sell products that mobile shoppers cannot see.

Mobile Website or Mobile Application?

For the most e-commerce systems, a mobile version of your existing website will make more sense than developing a mobile application. A mobile website can be accessed by any mobile user, regardless of which mobile system they are using, without the user needing to do anything more than navigate to the correct URL. With applications, you need to create a different application for each platform, such as iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. You then need to have the mobile users download and install that application before they can use it. This in turn requires that your application is submitted to the relevant application store, where it must be approved before it can be downloaded. It some cases, the application store may even require a share of all revenue generated by the application.

Should you then decide you need to make some changes or updates, with a mobile website you can simply make those changes whenever you want. All users then see the new version the next time they browse the site. With an application, the updated application will need to go through the approval process again, and then you need to get all your existing users to re-download and re-install the application. Your systems will need to be able to deal with handling multiple versions of the application as some users may not update to the latest version.

Key areas where applications have an advantage over mobile websites can be in performance, and in possibly offering an enhanced user experience as the application can have full control of the user interface, access alternate input devices such as the camera and microphone, and may be able to read other sensor information that the mobile makes available.

Taking Payment

In just the same way as would happen with a regular e-commerce site, at some point the customer is actually going to want to pay for something.

If you use our hosted payment pages, then that stage is easy. Just as you would with customers from your regular site, simply post the purchase details to the Innovate Payments gateway and a mobile version of the payment pages will be displayed.

If you are using the remote API, then you will need to ensure that your payment pages can be displayed correctly on a mobile device, and that they are easy to navigate and use.

Switch and Solo have gone, Laser is on the way out
Date posted: 2011-07-19 10:10:31

With Bank of Ireland already announcing the move away from the domestic Irish Laser debit card scheme, the announcement made by Allied Irish Bank today must bring the end of the Laser Card ever closer.

AIB are planning to ditch the Laser Card (and also the Maestro Card) and replace them with Visa debit cards. This is due to happen in the second half of 2012.

The move is to pave the way for AIB to introduce contactless payments for small transactions, allowing Visa Debit holders to pay for purchases of ?15 or under by holding their card over a reader at certain retail outlets.

You can view the announcement by following this link to the AIB Press Office